Elgor, a leading company in the sector of components for electrical and electronic connections,distributes board/board and board/wire connectors for every type of connection, offering both a wide range of choices from the catalog and the possibility of making them to measure, to depending on the needs of the customer and the product for which the connectors are intended.

Valid alternatives to most of the brands currently on the market are also provided:
board/board connectors are among the most requested .

Types of board/board connectors:

The board/board connectors present in the Elgor catalog are many and varied depending on the pitch:

Pitch 0.8
Pitch 1.0
Pitch 1.25-1.27
Pitch 2.0
Pitch 2.54
Pitch 3.0
Pitch 4.2
Pitch 5.0-5.08

Board/board connectors are offered:

From printed circuit (THT and SMT)
From IDC cable – DIN 41612

Like all products supplied by Elgor, the board/board connectors can also be CE approved and certified for the European market and UL/CSA for the North American and Canadian market.

Elgor also provides a consultancy service , upon specific customer request, to identify the most suitable components for each individual application.

Elgor, a Lombard company based in Cambiago (MI) and which operates daily throughout the Northern Italy area, guarantees all its customers an immediate quote, competitive prices and a competent technical assistance service and professional, thanks also to the many years of experience in the sector and the high level of competence of the staff.